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Our Mission
FICCS is dedicated to improving education and healthcare infrastructure and services for at risk populations in East Africa, focusing on the needs of women and children.
Women's Center in Nairobi

Non Communicable diseases related to the heart and cancers are rising at pandemic levels in Africa.
5th Annual Africa Cardiovascular Summit in Nairobi, Kenya - 2012

Changing Lives in Kenya

"I was getting ready to be married (at age 16) when FICCS came to my rural area (Magadi) and talked to my father. To my disbelief, they convinced him to let me train with them in Nairobi so I could get skills to help provide for my family. Now my father does not look at me as a burden and all the girls back home want to be like me. I thank God everyday for saving my life and giving me a chance to do what I want to do."
Celestine Mainka (Pictured left with a FICCS health training certificate)

FICCS in East Africa

100 Young Women Receive Treatment

by Stacy Harris on 09/25/13

In July 2013, FICCS Founder, Dr. Patel and his team of medical volunteers spent quality time working with women and children who are at risk for easily preventable diseases. The mission trip included:
  • 3 Free Medical Camps (100 girls)
  • 8 Charity Heart Surgeries
  • Training Local Cardiologist, Biomedical Engineers and Nurses
  • Distributed Medicines, Hygiene and Sanitary Supplies
  • Grief and Mental Health Counseling
  • Mosquito Nets for Maasai Women and Children
  • Scholarships, Books and More!
Click Here to view our new video of the 2013 Medical Mission Trip

Thank you for your continued support!

Mosquito Nets Save Lives

by Stacy Harris on 06/13/13

Due to extreme rains the rural Maasai communities have been suffering from malaria, sometimes even resulting in death. Newborns are the most effected by malaria so FICCS donated 200 mosquito nets to women and children in the rural areas.

Nets were donated to mothers with newborns, young girls and a local boarding school. The extreme poverty keeps the women from purchasing nets as feeding their families is their priority.

"The mothers are so grateful for the mosquito nets because now they do not have to worry about rushing their children to the clinic which usually does not have malaria medicine or even times a nurse on duty."
Peter Tingai, Maasai Elder

Nursing and Teaching Scholarships Provide Sustainable Solutions

by Stacy Harris on 01/07/13

To help provide sustainable solutions to health and education, FICCS has embarked upon an ambitious program to provide teaching and nursing scholarships to girls in the slums and rural areas of Nairobi. Currently, 4 girls have received nursing scholarships and 3 girls have received teaching scholarships.

Each girl contributes her new skills to her local community which enhances health and education awareness in the slums. Thus far, the program has been very successful. The girls are already teaching in their slum neighborhoods. The knowledge they pass on to other girls is invaluable to empowering the communities they live in.

After graduation, each girl is committed to 2 years of service to their programs and will serve as mentors throughout their lives.  With your help we are "Changing Lives in Kenya"  One Girl at a Time!

Sanitary Pads Change Lives

by Stacy Harris on 12/07/12

If you told me 7 years ago I would be in Africa distributing sanitary pads to girls I would have told you that you are crazy! Yet the main thing young women and girls here in Kenya need are sanitary pads and basic medical supplies. The lack of these supplies leads to easily preventable diseases, menstrual problems and other preventable infections. Simple antibiotics are usually too costly or unavailable.

Girls use unsanitary rags and other methods to deal with the lack of pads and they routinely miss weeks of school each year due to the lack of pads. Gender bias and tribal traditions also lead to not only physical, but emtional distress.

As a result, the sanitary pads FICCS donates to the girls are changing their lives and giving them confidence to tackle the challenges which lay ahead of them.  A simple pad we take for granted in the West, makes a big difference.  

Thanks for all your support! Please contact us if you want to know more about our sanitary pad program.  Together, we can Change Lives in Kenya! 

Building Strong Women, Strong Families and Strong Communities
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