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Our Mission
FICCS is dedicated to improving education and healthcare infrastructure and services for at risk populations in East Africa, focusing on the needs of women and children.
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Non Communicable diseases related to the heart and cancers are rising at pandemic levels in Africa.
5th Annual Africa Cardiovascular Summit in Nairobi, Kenya - 2012

Changing Lives in Kenya

"I was getting ready to be married (at age 16) when FICCS came to my rural area (Magadi) and talked to my father. To my disbelief, they convinced him to let me train with them in Nairobi so I could get skills to help provide for my family. Now my father does not look at me as a burden and all the girls back home want to be like me. I thank God everyday for saving my life and giving me a chance to do what I want to do."
Celestine Mainka (Pictured left with a FICCS health training certificate)

Escaping Early Marriage

by Stacy Harris on 08/11/14

Two months ago, Celestine "Nasha" Mainka, was a 16 year old girl ready to be married off for a bridal free.  Celestine has been on a FICCS scholarships for four years and the thought of this happening to her was unbearable. A short visit to her home in Magadi, resulted in his agreeing to send his daughter to Nairobi to be trained by FICCS in hopes that she can return and help the family.

Now, Celestine is living in Nairobi, working with FICCS and learning new life, job and health skills which she will bring back to her rural Maasai community. There is already a line of Maasai girls ready to be a part of the new FICCS program. The sky is the limit for Celestine.

Celestine recently revealed that her sister, 20, was married off at her age and now has two kids and is a third wife. Celestine desperately did not want this to happen to her and the glow on her face and the desire in her eyes shows that she is not only working with FICCS for her personal benefit, she is now the hope for all the Maasai girls who are predestined to be married off at young ages. Change is on the way!  More from Celestine coming soon.

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