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Health Classes
Health classes include First Aid, CPR, nutrition and basic medical skills so they can lead a healthy lifestyle.
Fitness and Hygiene
    Women's Center
The Women's Center is designed to train young women in the slums of Nairobi in health, nutrition, hygiene, CPR, First Aid and medical emergencies. To date, FICCS has trained over 350 women and has supported over 3000 women and children with medial and hygiene supplies such as sanitary pads. 

The Center provides young women with daily meals, cooking classes and provides a safe and secure environment for them to learn and grow without outside interference.

The goal of the Center is to train these women to go and train others and ultimately to reduce easily preventable diseases which ravage the slum communities.

Fitness and hygiene classes are designed to help promote healthy lifestyles and boost self-esteem.
The women learn to cook and prepare healthy meals at the Center. They also are given daily meals and snacks.
Medical Camps
Medical camps provide the girls and community at large with treatment that would otherwise not be available to them due to high costs of health services and the lack of facilities.
Mental Health
Internships provide young women with an opportunity to gain job related skills and gives them a place to learn and grow. The interns learn computers, cooking, sewing and take health classes
Mental health counseling is provided to give the girls relief from the daily struggles of extreme poverty. There are few if any resources in Africa for girls to seek mental health support.
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